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About 90 percent of actual size.Growth has slowed down a little with about 13 new residents moving in over the last eight years.This was a nice surprise-and one of my favorite qualities-because compact vehicles are not always known for ride quality.I’ll certainly be back.

The term Wi-Fi doesn’t have any actual meaning.After a forgettable rookie season, Washington shines cheap jerseys in Year 2, in part because he has no choice; the Steelers have to replace Antonio Brown’s production and Washington steps up to the challenge.They were rewriting history, and they were doing it in ways the sport had never seen before.

The board is made up of racing insiders, too, so making that decision would ultimately call into question its very reason for existence.Of course, if Shanahan’s going to turn things around, he’s probably going to want to start that by getting Jimmy to stop throwing interceptions in practice.More infamous than famous, Bugsy Siegel was one of the first celebrity gangsters.That’s just the way it is.How often do you focus on your gut health?

About 28 percent of the PET material gets wasted in the PET recycling process, according to Dell.He hasn’t yet debuted in the majors but is obviously seen as a near-term option in Oakland.In 1983 Washington went 14 but then got walloped by the Raiders in the Super Bowl.

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